Secure Bike Parking has Moved into the 21st Century with Cyc-lok

Secure Bike Parking has moved into the 21st Century with Cyc-lok. Here are the key benefits over what is currently available: there really is NO comparison – we are light years ahead in technology, design and materials.

  • Durability and materials used to produce Cyc-lok are of a much higher grade.
  • Thermoformed double skinned plastic roofs and doors (same material used by the automotive industry).
  • Aluminium extrusions (encase the car manufacturer standard locks).


  • One Cyc-lok unit (12 individual lockers) is over a tonne in weight.
  • Cyc-lok comes sub assembled to site and is built by 2 people in less than a day.
Cyc-Lok at Pearse Street Station, Dublin

Cyc-Lok at Pearse Street Station, Dublin

  • Cyc-lok is alarmed both externally and internally so adds to anti theft measures.
  • Cyc-lok can be integrated with all transit cards/other systems for travel via a link to our API, we can also programme current RFID cards for staff usage.


  • Cyc-lok works on a ‘next available locker basis’ so the software is much further advanced and is bespoke to the product/service.
  • No one can see what is being stored in a Cyc-lok so cyclists can be assured of added security.
  • Management of users is made easy (for the provider) whether they use a PIN/RFID card or pre programmed fob.
  • Cyc-lok has a backend management system with unique login so that the ‘provider’ can acknowledge who is parked where and for how long at any time and the lockers can also be remotely opened from this system if required.
  • The ‘value’ of parking in a Cyc-lok is transparent. It stops cyclists leaving their bikes for days on end so another person can’t get access.
  • Management of Cyc-lok is made easy (with the backend software)- no key/card distribution, no locker assignment, no ‘hogging’ lockers with no idea who the people are to contact them – fair system for ALL cyclists.
  • Cyc-lok is managed for public use via the app, we can tell people their booked parking is coming to an end and allow them to extend…


Basically we have brought bike parking into the 21st century, we have dealt with ALL of the shortcomings of previous bike parking solutions and designed and produced a product/service that has never been done before, it’s simple and MAKES SENSE. It’s scalable and also the more units we have out there the better it works as bike users can cycle from one to the other with ease.

Cyc-Lok at Heuston Station, Dublin

Cyc-Lok at Heuston Station, Dublin


lmurphyWritten by…

Louise Finn Murphy

Director at Cyc-Lok Ltd