Personal Cyc-Lok

Living in an urban area, apartment building, terraced house ?
Working at an office where space for parking is at a premium?
Nowhere to park your bike safely and securely?

If your bike is your main mode of transport and space is at a premium here is a simple solution to guaranteeing it’s safety and security. No one wants to have their wet or grimy bike hogging space in the hall or the spare room.

Much like our full unit, the personal Cyc-Lok locker offers you the peace of mind that your bike will be safe on arrival at your destination whether at home or in your office.

Not to mention that it is dry, hidden from view AND out of your way.  With a small wedge shaped footprint, the personal Cyc-lok takes up minimum space and can be ordered, delivered to your door by our personal installation staff, where it is bolted to the ground and the wall within minutes.

There is a personalised access controlled keypad on the side where only you know the code to access your individual locker.


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