About Cyc-Lok

“Cyc-Lok is the first product to market with a publicly accessible, real-time app-based, pay for use locker designed uniquely for cyclists.”

Cyc-Lok Ltd. is a Carlow based start-up company owned by Stephen and Louise Murphy. Cyc-lok was established in 2014 to develop a Europe-wide and, later, global network of secure bicycle parking facilities in response to the dramatic surge in cycling for recreation and especially for transport in urban commuter zones.

Underpinned by changes in public policy and legislation, increasing capital expenditure on cycling infrastructure and bike to work tax rebate schemes, the growth in daily cycling journeys and proliferation of high-value bicycles and equipment.

For cyclists who demand safe and secure bicycle parking at their destination, Cyc-lok is an access controlled modular bike locker system containing 12 separate lockers as part of one unit.  Cyc-lok is completely enclosed, protecting your bike from 3rd party viewing, providing safety, security and is weatherproof which in turn allows the user to walk away knowing their possessions are safe and secure until they return.

In November of 2015 we launched our very first unit in Irish Rail’s Pearse Station, Dublin City Centre. We were delighted to offer this innovative new bicycle parking solution in conjunction with Ireland’s national rail transport provider.

Sleaty Road, Carlow, Ireland

EMAIL: info@cyc-lok.ie   PHONE: +353 59 9130427